Succession certificate

Succession certificate is a document certifying the rightful person as the successor of a deceased person and can only be issued by a competent civil court under laws of inheritance. This certificate gives the rightful successor the authority to release any debts or securities of any deceased person. 

Now, many non residential Indians face problems while procuring this succession certificate as they do not get an easy access to their inherited moveable assets in India. This becomes  nearly unattainable because of the various stringent policies that banks have related to moveable assets. Banks have very specific policies which are governed by the Indian law which are mandatory to be followed in order to access any such moveable assets. Apart from these mandatory laws, a succession certificate has been made strictly binding to access these kinds of movable assets. These moveable assets could be in the form of equities, mutual funds, any financial instrument or funds that might be held in the Indian Post Office that require extreme attention to detail to follow the process of obtaining the certificate.

Certification for moveable assets

Travell to India

In such cases, Legal Consultancy India helps these NRIs right from assembling all the requisite documentation to filing the petition to procuring a succession certificate at the court and then to actually handing the certificate to the court. The Consultancy successfully takes care of these steps to receive a succession certificate without NRI having to travel to India.