Banking & Finance matters

Our services entail a wide range of banking solutions including but not limited to equity investments, Government of India bonds ( National Saving Certificates, Indira Vikas Patra, Kisan Vikas Patra etc.), and savings at Post Offices in India. These banking requirements are as it is quite complicated for someone not from the expert background and becomes even more complicated for the Indians living abroad as handling these funds not only across nations but also across currencies is highly complex.

These kinds of funds are usually held by NRIs themselves or are held by their parents or grandparents in banks or as instruments. Since these funds have been at the bank for a long period, usually they are non operational and not updated which is why when NRIs try to access these funds, they face a lot of difficulty and have to repatriate over and over again to gain back access to these funds which becomes a very expensive process.

Banking solutions

Digitalization of the banking sector

However, in the recent times of prevailing digitalisation of the banking sector has made the laws related to banking sector across the country stringent than ever. Digitalisation has helped banks to drastically adopt these innovative technologies to keep such funds updated and in operation which has led to these funds becoming dormant or getting frozen and makes these funds inaccessible for NRIs.

At Legal Consultancy India,we are well aware of these ground realities which is why we remain updated with the latest laws and changes in statutes to help our clients at every step of the way overcoming any issue that the NRIs might face related to banking and finance matters.