Landlord tenant disputes

Whether you are a NRI or a resident of India, the landlord- tenant disputes prevail no matter what. But in the case of NRIs the ratio is comparatively always high as they are not physically present in the country to keep a stringent check on such occupancies and become bait to unwarranted advantages of such tenants. Even though India has very strict landlord-tenant laws which bend in favor of the landlord, NRIs still have these issues as they are unable to constantly travel back to India.
Some of the prevalent landlord tenant issues that NRIs face are: delay in payment, uninformed prolonged stays on the property, non payment of property damages, poor handover of the rented property, non disclosure of unwanted or restricted activities. These issues remain unidentified by NRIs and can lead to serious legal issues if not monitored on time. In such scenarios NRIs need trusted experts who can deal with such onground issues and ensure proper eviction of the troubling tenants without any loss to the property.

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Legal Consultancy India entails a team of expert consultants and advisors who are experts in Landlord- Tenant disputes. They are known for their transparents and trustworthy services in tenant landlord disputes. They conduct all the groundwork for the clients and help them in representation and litigation if and when needed without NRI clients having to come to India for any kind of inspections.