Partition of property

Non residential Indians face a plethora of issues when they need to perform partition of their inherited properties in India which they have inherited by way of succession rights. However, over the years several co-owners of these inherited properties can come into limelight. Now, these co-owner might hold a different vision when it comes to the use of this inherited properties which might raise disputes amongst them which leads to complex situations at times. This might become even more complicated when the possession of such an inherited property is with someone who cannot be trusted.
Under law each owner of a joint property has an equal right of ownership over it. However, these rights might not be physically demarcated to set separated boundaries defining shares of the individual owners of such a property which leads to disputes that can only be avoided if the individual share of inherited property is defined clearly amongst the owners. Please note that inherited properties include residential, commercial, ancestral. Thus, for an NRI to manage and perform partition of such an inherited property becomes extremely complex as they are not present in the country to look after the property, plus the multifaceted laws and its procedures related to property partition doesn’t make the process any easy. NRIs often find themselves trapped in the tedious paperwork, vulnerability to deceiving private personnels and management of legalities from abroad.

Joint property rights

What is the partition of property?

Partition of property is a process by which any inherited property can be divided into separate portions that clearly reflect the demarcation of ownership right or the legal entitlement on such a property by the way of law. Each owner has the right to inherit and transfer their entitled portion in the inherited property. However, an entire legal process has to be followed in consonance with the procedures established by the law to part any such property.
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