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NRIs face tremendous difficulty in selling their properties in India as there is a huge list of laws that they need to be well acquainted with before they sell their property in India legally. One very important aspect of property selling transactions is paying capital gain tax. Capital gain tax is a tax paid on the difference that is earned between purchase of the property and the seller supporting it. Now, the payment receipt of this capital gain tax is mandatory and has to be documented as proof to avoid any legal enquiry or action. Similarly there are many minute details to such transactions which a NRI might not know and only experts in the field can help with.
One such method of selling a property is through a registered sales deed that has to be documented and has to be registered at the sub registrar’s office. When a NRI sells a property in India, there are two governing prices. So one has to be quite aware about each and every important step of sale transactions. Not only this, one should have his/her entire documentation related to such sale categorically in place of highest importance during such transactions.

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Legal sales and purchases

Abovementioned are some of the underlying but very important legal steps that a NRI has to follow for legal sale and purchase of their property(s) in India. At Legal Consultancy India, our team comprises real estate experts having a rich experience in dealing with real estate matters exclusively for NRIs. Our experts are goal oriented and provide a full spectrum of services to simplify the process of sale and purchase transaction ensuring each legal process is met with.
We provide a very comprehensive range of solutions including but not limited to documentation, drafting of sale-purchase agreement, registration of sales deed with right authorities, handling repatriation and taxation issues, banking support etc.